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We use beans as a pilot project to raise awareness and understanding of the relevance and universality of healthy diets and biodiversity conservation, food system transformation, climate change adaptation, and sustainable development goals. We link multiple stakeholders, including farmers, consumers, policymakers, and scientists. 

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Community Seed Banks

We create synergy between in situ seed conservation and formal gene banks by facilitating farmers to get technical support from plant scientists on PPB, community biodiversity registration (CBR) and community seed bank (CSB), in order to support active and sustainable seed systems and safeguard national seed security.


This project aims to explore initiating community-based marine protected areas through participatory approaches, focusing on the conservation of horseshoe crabs to stimulate community-driven dynamics.


Farmer-led Agrobiodiversity
Training Program

FSN aims to encourage partners to delve deeper into diverse seed systems and local ecological and cultural resources, reviewing local activities and advancing local partner practices.

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